Questioning AIDS in South Africa

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Following screenings at the Denver, San Francisco, Toronto, and New York film festivals, Questioning AIDS in South Africa is now available on video cassette. This 55 minute documentary exploring the controversy surrounding President Thabo Mbeki's inquiry into the HIV = AIDS hypothesis has provoked much debate among audiences around the world.

The film takes off from the Durban Hilton Hotel, site of 13th International AIDS conference in South Africa, and passes through towns full of ramshackle homes and rampant poverty to meet with doctors working in a ground zero hospital. Through interviews, expert commentary, and first hand experiences, we are offered numerous insights into the real problems facing South Africa and introduced to the infamous AIDS specialist that condemns open dialogue on AIDS. In a bittersweet finale, we meet with the late South African AIDS treatment activist Nkosi Johnson, then 11 years old, in one of the last recorded conversations before his death. Contradicting media popular media reports that claim Nkosi became ill before starting combination drug therapies at age 10, the young man reveals he's been on various AIDS drug regimens for most of his life.

A quietly powerful and thought provoking look at the harsh realities of life in South Africa in the age of AIDS.

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