The Other Side of AIDS

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The Other Side of AIDS takes us behind the hype and headlines and into the heart of a brewing controversy over the cause and treatment of AIDS. Through candid interviews with doctors and scientists representing both sides of the issue, and HIV positives on and off the drugs, the film opens minds and much needed dialogue. Informative without being instructive, it raises fundamental questions about what we think we know. Its surprising and sometimes shocking revelations inspire us to take a closer look at HIV and AIDS and the systems that support our current views.

For those already familiar with the HIV debate, The Other Side of AIDS breathes life into the information featured at our web site and provides a chance to see and hear many of the people featured in books, articles and other media. It also serves an effective introduction to AIDS rethinking and a potent educational tool.

"A riveting and accomplished counterpoint to what we've been fed by the mainstream media."
     - Marc Forster, award-winning director of Monster's Ball,
    Finding Neverland, and Stranger Than Fiction
"A highly professional film which challenges the relationship between HIV and AIDS, and combats the increasingly monolithic, institutionalized, and often profit-driven modern medical practice."
     - Samuel S. Epstein, M.D,
    author of The Politics of Cancer,
    Professor Emeritus of Medicine,
    University of Illinois School of Public Health
"A fascinating look at accepted views about HIV and AIDS that will make any open-minded person want to know more."
     - David Bernknopf, former director of news planning, CNN
"This film bravely reveals that the true tragedy of AIDS is our reluctance to address outstanding questions, and that our greatest hope lies in our ability to accept open, honest answers."
     - Esai Morales, actor and activist
"An extraordinary film that lays bare the many unquestioned assumptions about HIV and AIDS. It will help people make informed decisions about their own lives and the lives of those they love."
     - Derrick Jensen, author of The Culture of Make Believe
"Anyone who isn't skeptical of AIDS needs to take a long look at the harrowing stories and suppressed science poignantly pieced together in The Other Side of AIDS."
     - Susan Gerhard, editor, San Francisco Bay Guardian
     and contributing writer for POZ Magazine
"Doctors are pretending that there's only one way of looking at AIDS. Honest members of the medical profession readily admit that there are no easy answers. This wonderful video empowers people who test HIV positive and clearly shows the medical data still are conflicting."
     - Dr Jay Gordon, MD, medical correspondent, ABC News
"Effectively raises reasonable doubts about the medical establishment's view of HIV and AIDS. The debate this film opens is long overdue."
     - Dr Richard De Andrea, MD, ND, medical advisor, Physician's

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