Fear Spread Faster Than AIDS
By John Tierny
“We need to put AIDS in context. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking the numbers are greater than they are. The heterosexual breakout is not going to happen in America."

Straight AIDS Myth Shattered
“A disease-free man who has unprotected sex with a drug-free woman stands a one in 5 million chance of contracting HIV."

Whatever Happened to AIDS and Straight Men?
By Kevin Gray
“Health officials have known this for years, but the politically incorrect truth is rarely spoken out loud: The dreaded heterosexual epidemic never happened. The result is a conspiracy of silence. And it’s not in anybody’s interest to clear this up.”

Lesbians and AIDS: The New Millennium
By Jo Hagstorm
“In developed nations, AIDS never ventured far beyond the original ‘risk groups’ of gay men and IV-drug users. And it never made it to the lesbian community anywhere.”

Dangers Real and Imagined
By Ronald Bailey
“How risky is unprotected sex with strangers? One study calculated that having vaginal intercourse with 5,400 American partners would result in a lost life expectancy of 10 days. Compare this risk with a loss of a year for being 12 pounds overweight.”

AIDS in Britain: Why Complacency is Justified
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, MD
"For 15 years, authorities have been manipulating AIDS statistics to inflate popular fears of an imminent heterosexual epidemic. They are reluctant to let declines in AIDS interfere with their moralizing message."

An Actuarial Analysis of AIDS in America
By Peter Plumley
“AIDS a fertile ground for special interest groups to pursue their various agendas. As a result, many of the statistics have been distorted, and many of the prevention efforts have been misguided and even counterproductive.”

AIDS Still Our PC Disease
By Michael Fumento
“AIDS cases increased by a total of 909 from the year before. By coincidence, that's almost exactly the increase in the number of male homosexual cases. So much for the never-ending prediction that AIDS will still break out into the general population.”

Good News on AIDS - Why the Silence?
By Michael Fumento
“The US Centers for Disease Control perform the incredible feat of exaggerating the AIDS epidemic in every possible way, to make it more politically correct and bring more money into federal health agency coffers.”

AIDS Math Turns 4 into 170
By Michael Fumento
"Oklahoman May Have Infected Nearly 170 Women with HIV."

Conspiracy of Silence?
No news on the good news of decreasing AIDS cases in San Francisco
By Partick Monette-Shaw, Independent Community Observer/AIDS Accountability Research Investigator




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