Risks with Female Prostitutes

Dear Christine,

How does a man contract HIV from a female prostitute? Does it transmit like other STDs?

John M.

Dear John,

The mode of transmission for HIV is said to be the same whether the alleged transmitter is a priest or a prostitute. According to the rules of the AIDS establishment, itís the blood and bodily fluids that "carry" HIV, not the type of person. Interestingly, female prostitutes are not recognized as an official AIDS risk group by the US Centers for Disease Control.

Some mainstream AIDS experts assert there is no evidence to support the notion that HIV is passed from a woman to a man. The text ďSex At RiskĒ by Stuart Brody draws the conclusion that female to male transmission has not been proved to exist. The very orthodox AIDS magazine POZ ran a cover story a couple years ago claiming women in America donít have what it takes to pass HIV to a man.

Also, the largest study conducted to date on sexual transmission of HIV found no transmissions among the negative partners of positive testing heterosexuals after 10 years of follow up. In other words, no one entering the study testing HIV negative became HIV positive as a result of sexual activity with a positive partner.

HIV is characterized as an STD like syphilis or gonorrhea which readily transmit with only one sexual contact while data indicate otherwise. To cite one example, from 1981 to 2003, cases of syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia in the US topped 30,000 million while during the same period the total of cases of AIDS among Americans was 860,000.

I donít know what youíre planning, but given these numbers, please keep your safety in mind.

Take care,


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