Do I Have HIV?

Dear Christine,

I had safe sex a couple months ago with someone who isnít promiscuous or an IV drug user. I wasnít concerned then but I am now because I have three tiny red dots on my chest and right arm. Could this indicate I have HIV?

Thank you for your time.

Tony P

Dear Tony,

Three tiny red dots after safe sex sounds like nothing to be concerned about, especially when you consider that according to calculations printed in the New York Times AIDS history section, the chances of acquiring AIDS from protected sex are 1 in 5 billion. Because we rarely hear such information and thanks to 20 years of misinformed HIV and AIDS ad campaigns, the unwarranted fears and worries you feel are quite common.

If the dots persist or spread, please donít be afraid to seek help from an appropriate health practitioner. If you are a gay man, you may want to think twice about disclosing this information as it could prejudice the diagnosis and treatment you receive, especially if you mention having any personal concerns about AIDS.


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