HIV and AIDS: Settled Science or Unresolved Debate?
By Marcus Cohen
From the Townsend Letter for Doctors, an article by Marcus Cohen expressing objections and offering referenced refutations to the claim that questioning AIDS information = denial.

Questioning HIV/AIDS: Morally Reprehensible or Scientifically Warranted?
By Henry H. Bauer
An essay by Henry H. Bauer, PhD, emeritus professor of science, highlighting the important distinction between evidence based inquiry and "denialism" about AIDS, published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in December 2007.

Book Reviews
By Joel M. Kauffman
Book reviews by Joel M. Kauffman, PhD, of books by Henry H. Bauer and Rebecca Culshaw, published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in December 2007.

The HIV Optimists: Surviving Outside the AIDS Establishment
By Celia Farber

AIDS Reconsidered: The "Age of AIDS" vs "An Uncensored History of AIDS"
By Richard Kostelanetz
“Deciding that all of America had to be scared of AIDS, our government suppressed facts about who was really vulnerable...Once the NYC Department of Health changed its own accounting procedures, around 1993, the statistics about NIRs (people with No Identified Risks) simply vanished...Even though the existence of HIV has never been fully proved (according to Robert Koch's traditionally accepted elaborate postulates), critics of this scenario are routinely dismisses as ‘denialist,’ an epithet that vulgarly exploits those who deny the Nazi exterminations during WWII.”

The AIDS Debate: The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard
Part One: The HIV Controversy
By Liam Scheff
Through a series of questions and answers, various experts simply and effectively outline the basis for the AIDS debate and the controversy over HIV. This is part one of a three part series. Part two covers AIDS treatment drugs (see Related Articles in AIDS Drugs Facts and Myths) and part three takes on AIDS in Africa (see Related Articles in Africa in Perspective)

Why I Quit HIV
By Rebecca Culshaw, PhD
“My work as a mathematical biologist has been built in large part on the paradigm that HIV causes AIDS, and I have since come to realize that there is good evidence that the entire basis for this theory is wrong. AIDS, it seems, is not a disease so much as a sociopolitical construct that few people understand and even fewer question.”

AIDS in the Early Eighties
By Michael Bellefountaine
“People often ask, "If AIDS drugs are what is killing people today, what was killing them before these pills were on the market, or before HIV was detectable through testing?"

AIDS: Open Debate is Long Overdue
By Dr. Etienne de Harven
"All the catastrophic predictions for AIDS epidemics have, with the passage of time, been proven wrong. Unbiased analysis of epidemiological data demonstrates that an actual AIDS epidemic has never been observed. Virtual epidemics have, however, been reported. But they have all been ‘invented’ with several redefinitions of AIDS..."

AIDS Realism Versus The HIV Hypothesis
By John Lauritsen
 “Normally, open debate and free inquiry are regarded as fundamental components of science. Not in the AIDS arena. Skeptics of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis are called "HIV deniers,” heretics, and rebels, but our ranks are growing steadily with top scientists, including three Nobel Prize winners, journalists, and other professionals…”

The AIDS Controversy
From NBC Evening News, February 28, 2001
“In her book What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? Maggiore outlines her research: why she thinks HIV tests are meaningless, and why she doesn’t buy into the HIV equals AIDS equals death paradigm. Her theories are resonating among many…”

My Bout of So-Called AIDS
By Christine Maggiore

New Approach on AIDS
By Timothy Van Zant
“Dr. Al-Bayati is an expert on chemical reactions who asserts that AIDS is not caused by HIV, but by toxic pharmaceuticals and the naturally occurring harmful chemicals produced by malnutrition and starvation. His experience and professional credentials span the fields of human, veterinary, experimental, and environmental toxicology…”

What Do We Really Know About AIDS?
By Christine Maggiore
“It seems that AIDS is immune to healthy skepticism. It has the unique ability to turn fervent liberals ferociously conventional and make compliant followers out of our most innovative leaders. On public radio, in alternative journals, and among the terribly concerned and compassionate, there's only one side to AIDS and little tolerance for anyone who thinks otherwise…”

Questioning AIDS:
ABC News Online Chat with Christine Maggiore
“You told ABC News 20/20: ‘The idea that HIV causes AIDS is an idea that has not been proven to be correct or true…There are many valid, vital reasons to go back and rethink what we've been told.’ Why should we question the most basic medical and scientific findings about the disease?”

AIDS Science Questioned
By Kathleen F. Phalen
“Christine Maggiore is a woman who questions AIDS science, who finds more doubt than answers in existing research and is still looking for sound evidence that drugs like AZT really equal life. I was struck by the intensity of her beliefs, her healthy distrust of conflicting evidence, hidden information and purveyors of establishment jargon…”

Deconstructing AIDS An Interview with Christine Maggiore
By Derrick Jensen
“The point of questioning is to inspire thinking, to inspire caring people to look at AIDS with the same scrutiny, skepticism, and open-mindedness they apply to other issues of importance and to understand that we are asking these questions because we want answers that benefit everyone.”

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