Pissed Off About HIV Urine Test

Dear Christine,

A few days ago, I had to give a urine sample for an HIV test to see if I qualified for a life insurance policy. The nurse who took the sample assured me that the test was 99% accurate, and handed me a brochure entitled "Urine Testing for Antibodies to HIV-1" perhaps assuming I wouldn’t bother to read it. Well I did, and now I’m really bothered.

This test is called the Calypte HIV-1 Urine EIA Test and the brochure contains a number of troubling statements. Here’s just one:

“Some people without HIV-1 antibodies in their blood may have a reactive result in the urine test. Clinical studies show that out of every 100 uninfected individuals, falsely positive results may be expected for 6 individuals at high risk for HIV-1 infection and for 10 individuals with other medical conditions."

How can a test that’s supposed to be 99% accurate be wrong 6 to 10 times out of 100? Does a urine test for HIV seem reasonable to you?


Charles G

Dear Charles,

A urine test for HIV would be reasonable if it were a properly verified antibody viral test. Testing urine for antibodies is a perfectly logical, accurate, and effective tool so long as the test is properly validated. Unfortunately, none of the so-called HIV tests are properly validated which means their claimed accuracies do not reflect evaluations of test results compared against recovery of actual virus from uncultured patient tissue.

The test brochure you cite contains other statements that call for careful scrutiny. For example, "When a virus infects someone, their body produces antibodies to the virus. The body will make a different antibody to each different virus. Beginning from two weeks to six months after HIV infection, the body may produce an antibody to HIV. This antibody may be detected using special tests."

The above statement is very questionable depending on what is intended by the phrase "each different virus." If “different virus" means different species of HIV (please note official AIDS science asserts an infinite number of HIV species due to infinite alleged mutations) this is brochure is exceptionally silly since all the antibody HIV tests have targeted the exact same “HIV proteins” since 1985.

The fact that all antibody tests have used the same proteins since 1985 is an important point to recall when faced with the popular claim that newer HIV antibody tests resolve the inaccuracies inherent in older HIV antibody tests.

In any case, I hope you got a negative result.


HIV Antibody Test Certificate of Accuracy

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