Circumcision as AIDS Prevention in Africa
By Dr Roberto Giraldo
Dr. Giraldo, an infectious disease specialist and expert in tropical medicine, examines and refutes claims that circumcising black Africans is sound public health policy.

Cashing In On Shame
By Dr Helen Lauer, University of Ghana
"Orthodox descriptions and treatment of Africa╣s HIV/AIDS crisis are subject to robust controversy among research experts and clinicians who raise questions about the tests used to define the crisis, the statistics used to document the crisis, and the drugs marketed to curtail it. Despite this critical scientific corpus, fanciful misconceptions about chronic illness and mortality in Africa are sustained by a historical and a political analyses misrepresenting Africans╣ contemporary morality, social reality, and public health care needs."

Challenging the Culture of Fear in Africa
By Charles L. Geshekter, PhD
A potent challenge to the basic assumptions that causally link sexual behavior to AIDS cases in Africa. Asserts that conceptual flaws, dubious statistics, western stereotypes, poorly designed research, and racist claims about African sexuality have created untenable conclusions. [pdf]

Apocalypse When?
By Rian Malan
“The headline figures are horrible: almost 30 million Africans have HIV/Aids. But, says Rian Malan, the figures are computer-generated estimates and they appear grotesquely exaggerated when set against population statistics…”

AIDS Sunset Gives Way to New Dawn in Uganda
By Neville Hodgkinson
“AIDS was supposed to destroy Uganda. So why is it flourishing again? Billions will be spent on powerful anti-AIDS drugs for the third world, but Uganda reversed its epidemic without them…”

AIDS and Africa - Racism vs. Science
By Rosalind Harrison-Chirimuuta and Richard Chirimuuta
“The possibility of a monkey origin of the AIDS virus cohabits easily with racist notions that Africans are evolutionarily closer to sub-human primates.…”

Africa: Treating Poverty with Toxic Drugs
By Liam Scheff
“What's the use of potentially deadly AIDS pharmaceuticals for people suffering from poverty-related diseases like chronic tuberculosis, or to pregnant mothers whose blood cross-reacts with the nonspecific HIV tests?”

Africa is Not Dying of AIDS
By Rian Malan
“AIDS is the most political disease ever, writes Rian Malan, as he revisits the statistics and finds some pleasant surprises.”

But What About Africa?
By David Rasnick, PhD and Christian Fiala, MD
“Even if the estimated 1 million Africans had actually died from AIDS, the loss would be dwarfed by the overwhelming, simultaneous gain of 274 million people—the entire total population of the US.”

AIDS in Africa: In Search of the Truth
By Rian Malan
“The frightening numbers were all that mattered. Once they were shown to be accurate, further debate would be rendered obscene. So I set out to confirm the death toll. I thought it would be easy—my first mistake.”

The Political Economy Of Aids
By Brian K. Murphy
“A fundamental re-thinking inevitably entails confronting vested interests and conventional wisdom. However, nothing less is sufficient if we are to help those susceptible to AIDS, especially the poor in our own communities, and in the poorest countries.”

Dirty Tricks Infect Aids Drug Campaign
“They came to my room and wanted to see my speech.  They said I must start it with a strong statement on retroviral drugs. When I refused, they suggested that I cut it by half…”

New Study Shows AIDS Drugs Equally Effective as Poverty and Malnutrition
By Rodney Richards, PhD
Edited for Alive & Well by Christine Maggiore
“In the March 8, 2002 issue of the medical journal AIDS, scientist reveal that untreated HIV positive Ugandans are actually surviving just as long as their medicated HIV positive counterparts in the developed world…”

AIDS in Africa: Why the West is Interested
By Dr Stuart Derbyshire
“The discussion about HIV / AIDS in Africa invites visions of apocalypse. But how much does it tell us about the extent of the disease?”

HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa Not Explained by Sexual Transmission
By Gisselquist D, Rothenberg R, Potterat J, Drucker E.
“An expanding body of evidence challenges the conventional hypothesis that sexual transmission is responsible for more than 90% of adult HIV infections in Africa.”



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