Why Don't You Prove HIV Doesn't Cause AIDS?

Dear Christine,

I have read the contents of your site and I am intrigued, but I still have some questions. You and your team use references to medical papers to show that something is wrong with the current thinking on HIV and AIDS, but why haven't you proved that HIV does not cause AIDS?



Dear David,

People often ask why "dissident scientists" don't do their own work to prove HIV doesn't cause AIDS instead of using establishment papers to illuminate problems with the HIV hypothesis. The president of the International AIDS Society, Dr. Mark Wainberg, recently claimed that the lack of experiments disproving HIV causes AIDS is a reason why questions about HIV (and those who raise them) should be ignored.

As Dr Wainberg knows, the problem with proving HIV doesn't cause AIDS is fiscal: There are no government grants or pharmaceutical industry funds available for experiments that directly test or might otherwise falsify the HIV hypothesis.

For example, following the dismal results of published research on the accuracy and reproducibility of HIV tests conducted in the early 1990s, no funding has been available for studies that would validate HIV tests. Since 1986 when AZT was (erroneously) deemed a successful AIDS treatment, it's been unethical to test any new HIV drug in true placebo control trials. This means that no AIDS drug since AZT has ever been studied in tests that compare HIV positives taking pharmaceutical treatment with HIV positives not taking treatment, and that no such study is allowed on US soil.

Private funding is extremely difficult to procure for experiments that would disprove the HIV hypothesis, demonstrate the inaccuracy of HIV tests, or invalidate the notion that "Treatment = Life," as such work would not yield any patentable technology or profit generating product. Instead, these studies would require philanthropic donations of many millions of dollars. As you may know, President Thabo Mbeki's AIDS Advisory Panel in South Africa designed an experiment to produce a proper isolate of purified HIV, something that according to careful analysis of the medical and scientific literature, does not exist. If implemented, this experiment will produce the first concrete evidence of an HIV virus. From what I understand, the orthodox AIDS experts on the panel slowed the process of designing this study to a near halt, and now Mbeki must battle with reluctant government officials for the necessary funds and overcome protests by various AIDS advocates to carry out the work.

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