Do HIV Vaccines Prove HIV Causes AIDS?

Do HIV Vaccines Prove HIV Causes AIDS?

Dear Christine,

I'd like to know what you think about the AIDS vaccines currently in development.

If these vaccines make it to stage three clinical trials, then they must be effective against HIV, and HIV must exist as the cause of AIDS. Right?

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Dear Wondering,

Bringing a drug or vaccine through various levels of trials or bringing it to market through US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval is not a guarantee of its effectiveness or safety and doesn't necessarily mean a treatment is practical or useful.

Since 1993, the speed and ease for FDA approval has increased alarmingly, a side effect of AIDS activists’ demands for "drugs into bodies." Interestingly, most of these AIDS activist efforts to get more drugs faster were funded by pharmaceutical companies who benefit greatly from a reduced approval process which saves them millions of dollars on lengthy clinical trials and the gathering of data on drug safety.

Just because a drug has FDA approval does not mean it works, and this is the same with vaccines. For example, a few years ago the FDA approved an infant rotovirus vaccine to prevent a childhood diarrhea typically found among children of impoverished persons living in unsanitary conditions. This vaccine was approved despite strenuous objections from within the FDA over data that had shown the vaccine caused serious harm. After it was released for use and was about to be declared a required childhood vaccine - a major coup for the manufacturer since this guarantees millions of annual sales rather than just sales to children at risk for the illness - it was revealed that the vaccine seriously injured a shocking number of children, some of whom were required to have portions of their bowels surgically removed as a result.

Other tragic testimonies to the FDA's lax approval process can be found in an investigative report in the Los Angeles Times entitled "Seven Deadly Drugs" (reprinted at our web site). This expose revealed the FDA has not only approved drugs for non-serious conditions such as heartburn that were known to have lethal side effects - often for use among children—but approved these deadly chemicals over strenuous objections from their own staff of doctors. According to the report, the FDA also delayed in taking the drugs off the market even after significant numbers of deaths among consumers - including children - were noted.

The PBS Frontline documentary "Dangerous Prescription" (see the film or transcript at shows other examples of FDA approved treatments that remained on the market long after it was known they caused serious harm and even death.

Given the above information and other related facts, I would not consider an AIDS vaccine arriving at stage three as an endorsement of its ability to work, or as a validation of the HIV hypothesis.

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