About Your HIV Status Christine

Dear Christine,

I have four questions for you about your HIV status:

How long ago did you test positive? Are you still symptom free? Have you ever taken AIDS drugs? Are there studies of people who are HIV positive and healthy for a long time who donŐt take the meds?

Thanks for the info,


Dear Dean, I tested in the early part of 1992, so as I write, it's been over 12 years since I was diagnosed HIV positive. If you go by the mainstream practice of contact tracing, however, I've presumably been positive for close to 20 years since I had a relationship with a man who also tested positive (a fact unknown to me at the time) that began in 1985. According to "the rules" of contact tracing, one begins counting positivity from the first potential moment of "infection."

Whether it's been 12 or 20 years, I have had no symptoms of anything AIDS-related and nothing particularly interesting to report except surviving a bout of pneumonia in 1996 and a poisonous spider bite in 1995 - successfully recovering from both without pharmaceutical intervention. Other than feeling frustrated by the HIV=AIDS paradigm, suffering the loss of many friends and colleagues, and living with the stigma of a positive diagnosis, I've had no serious problems and have actually enjoyed exceptional health all these years.

I've become pregnant twice since testing positive, both times without effort at an age when women tend to have trouble conceiving naturally. Recent media reports on childbirth among women past age 35 claim that pregnancy comes naturally to only particularly healthy women. And I gave birth without medical intervention both times, something many consider a remarkable feat in any circumstance.

Motherhood has been another test of my health. I have two very bright and active children who will turn 7 and 3 soon. They keep me running all day (an up many nights) beginning every morning about dawn.

Since testing positive, I've never taken any AIDS drugs and since learning about natural healing, I purposely avoid pharmaceuticals in general. My husband and I keep our kids and selves healthy through careful nutrition (whole, unprocessed, organic foods) regular supplementation, and non-toxic interventions in the rare times of mild illness like a cold.

I wish there were an answer for your last question. Unfortunately, there are no studies that have attempted to quantify how many HIV positive diagnosed people live without AIDS drugs, and none that have tried to qualify in an unbiased manner how they maintain their health. You'd think that 20 years into the so-called AIDS epidemic, some research team or institute might investigate this rather common occurrence. Instead, the few studies that look at healthy, drug-free HIV positives do so with the prejudicial notion that we possess something in our blood or genes that can be turned into a product to sell to our less fortunate counterparts.

I hope this information is of help to you.



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